Friday, September 12, 2008

All's not lost

Last night Stephen came home from work with a cake from Cupcake Cafe. Can I just say YUM! It's my favorite cake place. So since we had cake, I decided to invite our neighbors over for an impromtu party. We grilled, swam, ate cake and made plans for weathering the hurricane tonight. It was a great end to the day. (Notice the candle. It was all he could find.)

On top of that I logged in to blogger and checked one of my favorite sites--Natalie's Sentiments. I had randomly won her "I love NYC" giveaway! I am sooooo excited. This is actually the second giveaway that I have won from her and she swears that it is completely random. What luck! She's going shopping for me in NYC and I can't wait to see what she picks out for me.

As for today, we spent much of the morning outside mainly playing soccer. The day began with birthday pancakes on the birthday plate (since we didn't get to do that yesterday morning,) but we had a small mishap. As Cavett was recycling the coke cans to the garage, he dropped one and Kendrick got ahold of it. Unfortunately, his finger was in the hole when Cavett yanked it away. He has quite a cut that might have required one stitch, but Stephen decided that it wasn't necessary. We thought we got it bandaged up, so we headed out for a walk to the park. We got half way around and Kendrick had pulled the bandage off and was gushing blood again. We made it home and re-wrapped this time, putting a sock over his entire hand and taping it. It seems to have worked, but he had some difficulty eating at lunch. We also had some fun with the pool slide, now that it is inside.

An update on the hurricane: Some of our neighbors have boarded up. Maybe 1 out of 300 houses. It's not really strengthening, but holding steady. It should hit late tonight. We haven't had any rain yet and breezes are coming and going. The pictures we are seeing of Galveston/Kemah/Seabrook are unbelievable. They haven't had any rain yet either and they are already very flooded. This storm has a huge storm surge. More later after it has hit.

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Natalie Jane said...

What?! You won a giveaway from me?

Oh yea! I totally forgot that was you! Seriously, what are the odds? I guess 1 in 170!