Friday, September 12, 2008

Here Comes Ike

Tonight we spent a most memorable evening with several neighbors on the street. After dinner, we put Kendrick to bed and headed outside. The sky was breath taking--colorful at times, ominous at others and perfectly blue in between.

We played games of Red Light-Green Light, Simon Says, Red Rover and tickling. The kids also rode their scooters up and down the street without using much force in one direction. It was a steady breeze of at least 15 mph gusting to 50 or so. It still isn't raining, but we called it a night at about 9. We have about an hour before the rain should hit us and the lights have flickered 5 times now. Every now and then we hear a strange hum from the wind.

Both kids are in bed and we are "hunkering down." Hopefully, we will be able to post in the morning.

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Susan said...

Hope you guys ride it out okay! You are in our prayers.