Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another 7 years, another downer

As I sit here in my kitchen, I am listening to the news and watching the storm clouds gather. Just an hour ago there was blue sky with sweet puffy white clouds. Now, it's almost overcast. Hurricane Ike is headed our way.

As you may know, we were to have a Dent family reunion at my house this weekend. This would have involved all 3 of my siblings and their families, my Mom, and both of my Dad's siblings and their family. Wisely, all have made the decision to call it off and try for another time.

We, on the other hand, have decided to hunker down here. We don't have any tall trees; we shouldn't flood; we have a pool; it will just be a nasty storm. From the looks of the news, if we wanted to leave it is too late now anyway. The officials are giving mandatory evacuations for Galveston, up through the Houston Ship Channel and any low lying areas around Houston, especially near bayous. Traffic has gotten thick. We will not sit in a car 8 hours to go 45 miles, ever again (Hurricane Rita).

So, this morning, I spent my birthday battling everyone else at the grocery store. I had made a trip earlier in the week in hopes of not having to go later, but there were a few more things we might need. Of course, I got the cart that had a "gentle" pull to the left and of course Kendrick wanted to be held the entire time. So, just think about trying to steer that. After about an hour of grocery cart congestion, we made it to check-out. I wish I had had my camera with me. There were about 20 lanes--all open and all at least 3-4 carts deep. CRAZINESS!!!!

I made a few preparations outside, but can't do anything else until Stephen gets home. I have done all the wash, but none is folded. Guess that is the task for tonight. Cavett's school is cancelled for tomorrow. So, I guess we are as ready as we will ever be. For those of you who are concerned, we appreciate your prayers and we will keep in touch. I'm sure we will all be in our Master Bedroom or closet Friday night, just to be on the safe side. If the power goes out for an extremely long period of time, we may head North after the storm has passed.

Brenda and Isabela have decided not to stay with us. She took Isabela to the doctor this morning and they admitted her to the Children's Hospital. She has croup and they are concerned with her color, behavior and croup. They are awaiting word from cardiology about some tests they ran. Keep them in your prayers as well.

As for my birthday, like I said, it's not really my birthday unless there is a catastrope or some doom impending. Hate to be a downer, but that's how I am feeling right now. On a happier note, I think this is the most Happy Birthday messages I've gotten in a VERY long time. I thank each one of you who has called, emailed or texted.

Now for the funny--Cavett, of course. Last night at dinner Stephen asked Cavett what he thought we should do for Mommy's birthday. Cavett's reponse was "Let's go to Bounce U!" (where he had his birthday.) Stephen replied, "Do you think Mommy would have a good time there?" "Yeah, it's her favorite." Funny what they think. Also, this morning he waited for me patiently on the stairs while I was on the phone. When I was done he gave me a card. Here's what it said: "Mom, you taught me the most important thing of all." Open card: "Wipe Well. Also, some stuff about kindness and tolerance." As I was holding the card and giving him a sideways hug, he sneezed. On the card landed a huge booger! So, I guess it's not just rear ends.

I'll try and post again tonight or maybe tomorrow. Keep in touch and thanks again for all the birthday wishes.


Emily said...

Aww...Happy Birthday to you! Let's hope that you only have candles on your cake & not as your only source of light (which would mean power outages!) That's what I am more worried about here in B/CS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Susan said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
So sorry about the doom and gloom, but at least your sweet boy made you laugh this morning.
I hope you guys will ride out the storm well. We will keep you and others in your area in our prayers.
I lived in Miami for many years and know all about those long lines for food and necessities, batting down the hatches and riding it out.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Gosh, Ike missed us and is headed to you! I am quite familiar with the supermarket crowding, hoarding and general hysteria before a hurricane. I hope you and your family will be safe!

That card is hysterical! You could sell the idea to American Greetings.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

PS I must have missed something about your birthday -- have a happy one!

Candace Chaney said...

Again, happy birthday sister. I don't hope your power goes out, but secretly I kind of do so that we can see you... Is that bad??? :)
I love you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I thought about you early yesterday and should have emailed then. Once the day got started it completely escaped me, sorry! I hate that Ike has upset your weekend plans. We are praying for you guys and hope your power stays on and the trees stay upright. At least you don't still live in the med center and work in Deer Park - I'll never forget how just a good rain could make those places flood.
I loved Cavett's idea about Bounce U. Walker informed my mom that I would "just love" to have my birthday at Bounce World because I had such a great time at his party. These boys are just so considerate!