Friday, September 12, 2008

Funniest thing I've seen yet during Hurricane Ike

My good friend and fellow Sugar Landian, Sarah Crum emailed me today about what she saw at her apartment complex. It was so funny I had to share with all. She Facebooks and doesn't blog. Here's what she said...

"My my, have Cory and I had so many laughs this morning. Being native Louisianaians we have seen our fair share of tropical storms, hurricanes, tornados of varying, the thought of a category 2 hurricane doesn't move us much. Now, there are many down sides to coming from LA, but we know how to do a few things well....cook, have a good time, and throw a hurricane party! But, I completely understand how it might evoke fear, panic and worry if you have not experienced one. The unknown has a way of doing this. Houston has not had to experience first hand too many hurricanes over the years, so I am told by native Houstonians who have lived here for the past 60 years....apparently at our apartment complex this is a first for many of our neighbors as well. We are not meaning to be offensive to anyone, but rather needed something to do while waiting for IKE, so we took a walk and this is what we found..."

"I guess on the memo from the apartment complex they didnt put down that taping the windshield of a car won't make a difference since it's made of safety glass and is designed not shatter into glass shards like a regular window."

"This is a neighbor who rather than taking their potted plant inside, decided to masking tape it to the railing of the balcony and post. Somehow I think that 100mph winds just might beat masking tape in a wrestling match...Guess they cared about it more than the satellite dish that they didn't remove either or bother to secure with the ever so strong masking tape."
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Cecily R said...

Hahahahaha!! My husband and son and I all got a good laugh at those. People are funny. And weird.

Fabulous PSF!!

Susan said...

Very funny! Some people just react without really thinking through things.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

that potted plant is tooo dang funny!

Chris said...

If that plant makes it, tell me what kind of masking tape it is. There's got to be a use for something like that.