Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hill Shelter Expands

Today our shelter expanded to accommodate more hurricane victims. Anna, Mark and Baby Walker got back to Houston and still have no power. We are loving this time with the Core and will be sort of sad when the pwer comes back on. These are times we will cherish and look back on fondly.

On another note, here is one of the pictures we captured this evening after dinner. We caught Cavett and Isabela playing doctor with their shirts off!


davis family said...

Sounds like the Hill shelter is the place to be. I love that the three couples are called the Core. We, along with our two best couple friends are called the Inner Circle. I didn't know anyone else had a title for their grown up BFFs. How funny.

Emily said...

Thank you for taking care of my sister & her sweet little family!

Damselfly said...

That is so nice! You'll remember this time for years to come. I have neighbors who still get together every year with previous neighbors who helped one another after Hurricane Andrew.

Susan said...

I am sure everyone is having a great time at your place while they wait for power.
The kids are so cute playing doctor. I guess she has had plenty of observation time and can now implement all that she has learned on Cavett.