Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cavett's First Soccer Practice

We bought the cleats, the shin guards, the shorts, and the socks. After nap we put it all on, had a banana for energy and headed to our first soccer practice at an elementary school near by. Luckily, Dad got off in time to meet us there. There are 6 other kids on the team and Cavett was previously friends with 4 of them. It was a comfortable situation.

After the initial "Don't touch the ball with your hands and kick it in the goal," the first "game" was without balls. Each kid got a flag and tried to chase each other to rip the flags off. Then they did the same, but went for a specific color. From there, they began using the balls. The coach set up a circle with himself in the center. The kids were to try and kick the ball to hit him. The coach was great and gave some funny reactions each time he was hit.

Now, this entire time, Cavett is having a blast! He was giggling uncontrollably which is quite contagious. He stopped for an occasional water break but he never sat down and quit even when others were. He only complained once and that was to say that "my underware is sticking to me!" I'll just say we were all sweating! By this time we are realizing he really is pretty good at this. One Mom even commented, "How long have you been practicing?" Truthfully, we haven't. We've occasionally kicked the ball around the yard this summerand talked about how you don't use your hands, but that is about it.

There were a few other games and then at the end they started on one side and raced to see who could get the ball to the goal first. Cavett was either first or second either time. Mason is going to give him a run for his money! He had a great time and really enjoyed himself. He even prayed for his new soccer friends.
Stay tuned for the video version.


Susan said...

He looks so cute in his soccer gear. I love that he prayed for his new soccer friends. Austin always wants to pray for new people he meets.

Candace Chaney said...

Go Cavett! That is one red face- love that pic!

ps- is Ike going to ruin our fun? what's the word?