Friday, March 7, 2008

Texas Children's Hospital

Today we met Isabela and her parents for a visit to Texas Children's Hospital. Isabela had an appointment at the Cardiac Clinic and we went with her to donate the books Cavett received for his birthday. We wanted to donated them to the Cardiac Clinic so that the patients there have something to read while they wait for the doctor instead of the grimy toys.

Cavett was very interested in watching Isabela get her stats taken and Heather, the cardiologist even listened to Cavett's heart too. At times he was helpful like in helping Isabela put on her clothes, other times I was about ready to pull my hair out with him standing on the examination table pulling on the cords to the blinds. They had great fun taking pictures of each other and the view out the window. Overall, I hope that he somewhat understood why we were there, if not, I hope at least we gave Isabela a diversion.

The best news of all was that her heart is doing well right now and the surgery they had scheduled for this summer is going to be put off for a year! She will have time to grow a bit more giving her better odds with the surgery. We thankGod for you and your progress, Isabela! We love you.

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Falcone Family said...

what a presentation!!!!
I am literally crying here. It was a Beautiful Day.
I am sure it was Isabela's ebst vist ever b/c of the boys!