Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sticker Shock

Kendrick has a pretty bad diaper rash. It's so bad that it has covered his whole rear and up his back. We had been trying Lotrimin, but it just wasn't helping. When we went to the doctor she gave us a prescription for some cream that might help. So, I took it to CVS to get it filled. As the pharmacist rang me up he said, "That will be $207." WHAT!?!? I said, "It must be a mistake! Do you have our insurance information?" He double checked and it was $250 without insurance! It's diaper rash for goodness sakes! They must be proud of that stuff! This is where health insurance has taken.

The pharmacist takes another look and tells me that I can make my own concoction of the same ingredients over the counter. It was just Miconozole and high percentage zinc oxide. So, $20 later Kendrick's back side is starting to look a little better. Unbelievable!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy Moly! I'll be calling you for that recipe if we ever have one that bad.

Jonny said...

Your brother hopped on the Blog bandwagon fyi.