Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Friends

We have been going to our Sunday School class, the Lamplighters, since August. But last night was the first time that we have really hung out with several of them at the same time socially. Carol Beth had us all over for Gumbo and Strawberry Cake. A good time was had by all, especially the new babies. Kendrick got a kick out of chewing on Mary Katherine's feet. We are so blessed to have found this wonderful, supportive, and caring class and look forward to the many years of growth of new friendships and in Christ ahead of us.

FYI- Please say a prayer for Ella, Carol Beth's daughter. Monday morning she will have surgery to remove a bronchial remnent in her chest. Nothing major, day surgery, but she will be put under complete anesthesia.

Addendum: Unfortunately, there was no memory card in my camera and no one else got a pic. Oh, well, until next time. Ella is out of surgery and doing very well.

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