Thursday, March 20, 2008

Postive Charges

We are in Shreveport this week visiting family and seeing my grandparents. So, today while Nana was at work for her last day at school before her Spring Break, we had a cousin event.

We went to see Gran at her house this morning and hooked up with my cousins, Elena-13 and Caleb-10 Hibbs. It's a little rough being that age and cooped up in a house for days on end. So, we took them with us for the afternoon. We grabbed some chicken fingers from Cane's and headed to Betty Virginia Park to meet up with Cavett's cousins, Anna Grace and Zeke. We had a great picnic in the warm sun and Cavett made a new best friend--Caleb. They all played on the playground and the olders seem to really have fun engaging the youngers.
On the way home from the playground, I didn't catch the entire conversation. But Caleb was trying to explain positive and negative charges to Cavett. I think it had to do with the static in his hair from the slide. Cavett was very attentive and looked up to Caleb in awe.

We are so glad that the Hibbs have moved South from the frozen tundra of New Jersey. We look forward to seeing them more often now.

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