Thursday, March 27, 2008

No nap

Cavett didn't take a nap today which is really strange because last night he was up until about 10:30 since we had church choir. So this after laying in his bed for an hour and a half, I told him he could get up and play or read quietly until Kendrick woke up.

I sewed on a baby blanket as I listened to John Harrigan's (a missionary for IHOP, International House of Prayer) MP3 of the Western Worldview. (Mind blowing stuff!) Cavett read several books in a laundry basket. It brought back so many memories of childhood afternoons. Mom was quite the seamstress. If she wasn't cooking, cleaning, doing laundry or refereeing fights, she was sewing. I can remember sitting at her feet playing with my Fisher Price Little People. Just being in the same room was comforting. Good times. I hope that Cavett will look back on these times when Mommy is "busy" and think the same.

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