Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Tuesday Two

As I was icing my "Texas" cookies, I decided I should weigh in on the presidential election.

I was really pretty excited about it as it is actually the first primary I have ever voted in. I was so excited that last Tuesday with both kids in tow, I went to my polling place only to realize it was the next Tuesday. So, today we finally got it right and that was the first thing we did this morning. I remember going with Mom to vote as a kid and wondering "what could be behind that curtain! It certainly is a big machine!" Times have changed and Cavett helped my press the buttons to cast my digital vote. He even got a sticker at the end that said, "I voted today." He like saying the word vote and found that it has many rhyming words.

Now, as I contemplated writing about politics, I thought of all my friends (minus the neighbors). You see, for the most part I am friends with people very unlike me in terms of political views. In fact, I can remember one night at a friends house we got started talking about social security and TRS (TX teachers retirement). I got so incredibly frustrated that I had to physically leave the house and take a walk. Most of my friends are musicians and teachers. They tend to vote democrat. I guess it is the fact that they are employed by public schools/churches that on one hand, they don't make enough money for what they do and on the other they believe that people "deserve" things like health care, for instance.

Please don't get me wrong, I hate health insurance and I cringe ever time I have to pay that bill. I would much rather buy a new flat screen TV or a new car, but we have priorities. I guess some people don't see it that way. The US Constitution tells us we "deserve" life, liberty and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. It's a journey, something we will always strive for and no matter how much the government pays for stuff (which we are actually paying for, unfairly I might add) there will still be the "un-happiness." They will want more. Why should I work hard every day, if other people are just going to sit there and ask for a hand out? I feel as if I am re-living Robin Hood and he is NOT the hero. Please, let me give away my money to causes I believe in and people who I think "deserve" it. Frustrating.

So, I voted for Huckabee. I figure I might as well vote for someone I really believe in at this point, because there will not be that opportunity in November. I am all about his "fair tax" idea.

One of my democrat friends is going to my concert tonight and afterwards we will probably go out. I'm sure the subject will come up since returns will be plastered all over the TV screens. I will do my best to listen to her and understand where she is coming from. The older I get, the more willing I am to actually voice my opinion instead of just letting it go. I know I will never convince her to change her vote, but giving someone another way to look at things always helps everyone. Ultimately, God has the plan and I pray that he will guide whoever our next president into making wise decisions.


Falcone Family said...

I am one of those friends of yours at the other playing field, but, like you, I love to listen to opposing views and even welcome you to try to persuade me. ;-)
(Huckabee is not a bad choice, either)

Hill Family said...

Addendum for my dem. friends: Stephen thinks if you read this wrong, you might be offended. I hope you didn't take it that way and know that I love you even though we disagree!

Kate said...

I'm a fan of Obama and certainly not offended... Love your blog entry and certainly appreciate your opinons! Just glad I'm not a politician for sure!

Falcone Family said...

reply to your addendum: You are not racist or a sexist, just a Republican. I can still love you for that ;-)
(no offense taken)