Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Week Alone

This week Kendrick got to go to "camp" or "big school."  I signed him up for a Movin' and Groovin' Camp through Allen ISD that is held at an elementary school.  The first day he was reluctant--new place and new friends, but when he saw the name "Zander," he went right in.  Nevermind that this wasn't the same Zander he already knew.  He has had a great time and come home with some fun new noise makers.  I can't seem to get him to "perform" any thing he has learned.

In the meantime, Cavett and I have had some great one on one time.  (He has camp later next month.) We've done lots of chores and errands together with smiles, created a T-Rex out of Zoobs, did experiments with dry ice, read and learned lots of new words and had a fun outing with Dad at Top Golf.  I miss this one-on-one time I used to have all the time. 

One day when Kendrick goes to school full time, I'll miss that time too.  Point learned: savor whatever time there is.

P.S.-  Who says you can't go to a driving range in 4" wedges and hit a pretty good ball?

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