Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 5-Balboa Park

So, I fell off the bandwagon once we got to IACA in San Diego, but I'm here to finish the blog, nonetheless. 

What:  Breakfast at McDonald's, Fleet Science Museum, Model Railroad Museum, Natural Science Museum, Snack in hotel for a late lunch, Mom and Dad went to dinner with LVI Instructors at the University of San Diego Scripps Oceanography Research Center in La Jolla, while the kids and grandmothers had dinner at the Village Cafe with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

Lows:  The Organ Pavillion was closed and you couldn't see the organ.

Highs:  The massive layouts at the Railroad Museum, Travelling through the cell at the Fleet Science Museum, and Running into our BFF, Mark Alexander who was staying at our hotel. 

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