Sunday, July 24, 2011


What: Breakfast at Hotel, LegoLand, Lunch at The Garden Restaurant, and Dinner at the Knight's Table BBQ with dessert from Granny's Apple Fries at LL.

Lows: Cavett getting distracted and not realizing he had left Dad's side, Kendrick wanted to ride the jousting horses so badly after dinner, but came to realize he was 1 month short of the cut-off birth date.

Highs: Kendrick's first two roller coaster rides of joy-Coastersaurus and The Dragon,
Cavett's favorite roller coaster-the Technic Coaster, Waiting in lines that were not necessarily short, but having a good time hanging out together (like 20 questions with Snoopy being the answer 3 times in a row), Watching Cavett learn the rules of the road at the Volvo Driving School and learning that bad things happen when you distract the driver (just wait till you see the video!-#america'sfunniesthomevideos),

Riding the AquaZone Wave Racers-a water ski like ride, Granny Apple Fries=Yumminess!, The way they designed so many of the rides to be very kid-oriented, but very independent #"I can do this all by myself and I'm in control," Getting the Grandmothers on some rides (even a coaster or two!),

All the massive displays of Legos full of detail and some cleverness.

11 hours of low-stress, very creative, inventive, fun with “barking dog” feet at the end! Time to rest those feet for more Safari adventures tomorrow....

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