Saturday, July 23, 2011

San Diego Bound

And thus begins our San Diego adventure.....The theme for the week to keep it short and simple and to focus more on pictures will be a short “what we did and where we ate” and then our favorite daily “highs” and “lows.” This is a nightly ritual around our dinner table and between all of us, tends to sum up the day pretty well.

What: 9:20 AM  Flight, Lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery, Headed toward Carlsbad, CA, Museum of Making Music was closed and Field of Flowers was just a field, Beach Time, Dinner at Casa de Bandini, Early to Bed.

Lows: Worrying about Grandmama and Daddy being the last ones to board the plane due to long luggage lines and Grandaddy's favorite pocket knife accidentally in GM's purse at security. Nana losing some cash out of her wallet between security and the jet way. Figuring out which rental car company had a mini-van and waiting around to get it all taken care of.   Kendrick being knocked over by a wave and doing a flip hitting his head on the sand.

Highs: Watching Kendrick experience take-off in an airplane for the first time and watching his expression of joy with the waves of the ocean, also a first. Cavett loved the landing on the plane. Seeing the panoramic setting of the sun over the Pacific Ocean. Having both mothers with us. Awesome weather! How can it be this sunny and not hot? Our kids being really patient and fairly well behaved on a very long travel day with a two hour time change.

We had a great day overall and look forward to the rest of the week!

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Lynd Matt said...

You did all that in one day?