Monday, July 25, 2011

San Diego Safari Park

What: Breakfast at the Hotel, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Chipotle lunch, Lego Land, Pick Up Stix dinner

Lows: Heat-Escondido where the Safari Park is located is further east and was 20 degrees hotter than the coast, making it 95 degrees today. Park food is expensive, so we hit outside the park today, but we tended to wait on beyond our “patience limit.”

Highs: Kendrick liked the ostrich and their eggs.

Cavett couldn't decide between the cheetah and the ostrich, because the cheetah can sprint fast, but the ostrich is a marathon runner.

Nana and Stephen liked the elephants and the “Encounter” talk.

Grandmama liked the Norhtern White Rhinos (2 of 6 in the world) and the lions, reminding her of Daniel and the Lion's Den. I liked the cute old volunteer couple that showed us the differing skulls of the house cat, panther, cheetah and lion.

Of course, the giraffes never get old for me and I think I was the only one who caught a glimpse of this mamma. 

Lego Land Repeat: We hit a couple of things we missed yesterday like the “Test and Build”-where the kids got a set of wheels, made a car and then raced. Kendrick repeated the big slide and playground in Adventure Land while Cavett took in the two rides that Kendrick wasn't tall enough for. We ended the day with the Dragon roller coaster one last time.

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