Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 8-Downtown and Coronado

What: Breakfast at Village Cafe, Walked to the New Children's Museum, Caught the ferry to Coronado Island, Lunch at the Village Pizzaria on Coronado Island, More Ping-Pong and Foosball with a dip in the cold pool, Mom and Dad had dinner on the USS Midway and the kids and Grandmothers went back to Edgewater Grill.

Lows: Worrying that we wouldn't make the 1:00 ferry, Not being able to use our San Diego Go Cards at the Maritime Museum, Losing Cavett's baseball hat at the Children's Museum.

Highs: Everything about the Children's Museum, Watching all the sailboats from the ferry, yummy pizza and salad for lunch, Dad having time to run by and pick up Cavett's cap before they closed,

Our beautiful mothers joining us for this adventure. 

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Candace said...

Well done getting it all documented. :) You made some good family memories for sure.