Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Going Place

If you know my family at all you know about the "going place."  You pile in the car not knowing where you are headed.  It could be the bank, the ice cream parlor, or something really exciting--you just never know--sometimes can be fun, sometimes not so much.  Almost everyday this week, we have had a "going place" after camp.  Yesterday's was the Water Park at the Village at Fairview.  It's located right next to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Gloria's which has a patio where you can eat and keep an eye on them.  So, when I told the kids to put on their swimsuits, we are going to the "going place" for dinner, they were extremely confused, but delightfully surprised when we pulled up. 

They were treated with "full-sugar" Coke and Dr. Pepper with chicken nuggets and french fries while bouncing back and forth between the table and the splash park. 

I could be wrong, but I think they had a good time! 

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