Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cavett Time

On Wednesday of this week Grandmama came and picked up Kendrick for a few days of alone time.  At this point, I am not sure who's the winner in the situation and it could be a tie all.  We all get one-on-one time with each kids and the kids enjoyed it too.  It's just a win-win situation.  Next week, the situation is reversed and we will have Kendrick and Cavett will have time with Grandmama.

Since art is rarely done in my house because of past incidences, I had a craft that was saved for just this kind of moment.  We used a egg carton, painted it and glued pieces to it for a spaceship for his figurines.  Cavett's request was to have Pei Wei for lunch on Thursday.  That was granted along with starting a 1000 piece puzzle.  That evening he stayed up later and learned how to play Monopoly and is now addicted. 

Friday we had pool time, did a video interview which we hope to be a back-to-school interview we will do every year for both kids, finished our puzzle (with the help of the puzzle fairy that came after he went to bed,) and played another round of Monopoly.  But, the culminating event was going to the movies to see Despicable Me followed by dinner at Capital Grille

I won't speak on the movie, it wasn't that great to me, but what mattered was that Cavett loved it!  Think Annie meets a space movie, meets a thief.  Afterwards, we had steak, lobster mac-n-cheese and Parmesan truffle french fries and talked about the art surrounding us at Capital Grille.  The waitress was super nice to Cavett on his special date and hooked him up with a diet coke with cherries and a rose to give to Mom at the end. 

Everything about the time with him was awesome.  I have no doubt that next week will be just as fun, but in a completely different way.

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Candace said...

Fun stuff. Good reminder of how important that one on one time is.