Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old School Game of the Day

Today in the pool, we needed a new game and since Kendrick needs help reinforcing colors and they are into knock-knock jokes, I decided on "Colored Eggs."  Remember this one?  It goes like this...

Wolf:  Knock, knock.
Kids in pool:  Who's there?
Wolf:  Big Bad Wolf
K: What do you want?
W: Colored Eggs
K:  What color?

Each kids has a color in mind and when the wolf calls out your color you swim to the other side of the pool hoping not not get caught by the wolf. 

They eventually got the script using funny voices and had good fun.  Although, Kendrick at first kept telling the wolf his color.  We also gave Cavett a handicap against Kendrick and made him wait until Kendrick was halfway across the pool.  

Good times, drawing to a close for the summer...

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Candace said...

blast from the past! How fun!!!