Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

We awoke about 6:15 with showers and began the morning ritual.  Cavett asked for biscuits, so Dad obliged and even cut them in the shape of apples.  Everything went smoothly and a big thanks goes out to aunt Amber for coming over to watch Kendrick. 

Cavett was a bit bleary-eyed when he woke up, but quickly became excited and a tiny bit unsure all at the same time.  Backpack was loaded.  Pictures were taken on the front porch and off we went.  Traffic was fine and not what I expected.  We said our good-byes and dropped him off.  No problems, worries or tears on either side.  He sat right down wide-eyed with the look of "teach me!"

It's going to be a great day!

After school:

As it turns out, after I waited 30 minutes in the car rider line, I picked him up and this was what I gathered from our conversation and his day.

#1-  He didn't get to play 4 square or hop-scotch.
#2-  He learned about the rules today.  There will be lots of rules at the beginning and a few in the middle and less at the end. 
#3-  Music was the favorite and he got to write his name on the really cool, new-fangled digital "overhead projector." 
#4-  He made one friend, but can't remember his name.
#5-  He couldn't find the snack I sent him in his backpack.

Still a good day with a great report on behavior.  Let's hope this keeps up.  I know the teachers have to establish rules and bounderies, but I'm ready to dig into the learning.  Bring on the homework!  I know, I know.... I'll be dreading it later on. 

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