Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kendrick--What's next?

This child...really? I love him to death! He is so much fun, makes me laugh, has the cutest smile, but really????? He's a bull in a china shop; he's a daredevil; he's not afraid of a thing. Oh, and did I mention his love of art?

Today he created a lovely masterpiece in blue permanent marker about 2 feet off the ground running the length of the rotunda, through the kitchen, by the laundry room to the dining room. I can't get it off. He sat in time out and I think after talking about drawing on paper all day, he might have gotten the idea. We will re-paint this weekend.

Then, as I was cooking dinner I turned around to this! I had put the firetruck on the counter to vaccum and mop earlier, but never put it back on the ground. Didn't bother him! Up he goes! Luckily, I caught him before he busted his head.

He is a precious child and I love him dearly, but I am scared for his LIFE!!!! I need to knock some fear into this one. My laid back parenting has back-fired on me! HELP!


Candace Chaney said...

I love that kid!!!!!

Jen said...

Our number 2 is exactly like this....my prayers went from "please protect him from harm" to "please protect him from anything that would result in death or permanent physical reconstruction" 2 ER visits in one year and a 3rd on needed....pray sister, pray!

Allison said...

Gotta love these daredevil children of ours. As I have mentioned to you before, Kendrick and my Cate are so much alike...even with the blue markers (haha)!