Friday, August 20, 2010

The End of Summer Extravaganza

Stephen drove down to Houston for the day for business, so I decided to make my last free weekday with both of my boys packed with tons of fun!  Here's the short list:

Balloons and a run through banner.

A Dance Party in your underware.

Animatronic Ice Age Mammals at the Heard Museum.

Investigating butterflies.

Bowling with Kendrick making a strike and a spare!

The movie, Nanny McPhee Returns-a combo of Mary Poppins, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Charlotte's Web and the Sound of Music.

Watching them devour two tubs of popcorn for dinner.  Ok, so maybe I helped.
The amzing thing was that besides the movie, everything was minimal for cost.  We are members at the Heard Museum (which for you Shreveporters has reciprocal membership at Sci-Port.)  And we found out there is a summer bowling program for kids where all you have to pay for is the  Unfortunately, I found it  so late in the season, this is only the second time to utilize it.  Hopefully, they will do it again next summer.

It was a great day of quality time. I think I spoiled them enough (something I rarely do) and sufficiently wore them out.  Heck, I'm worn out!

Tomorrow--all pool, all day.

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Candace said...

Run-through banner. I like it...