Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Kendrick

Kendrick, three years ago today, you entered my world and changed me forever.  I love the cuddles you give me in the morning and the wake up calls flinging open the curtains of "the sun is up!"  The unsolicited statements of "I love you to bifinity and beyond" are heart melting. 

You are a copy cat and love your brother dearly, but when you do it, it is even more funny than your brother.  I am certain that your love of writing utentils will one day be harnessed in the right direction instead of the walls and I look forward to unleashing that creativity.  Your imaginary world is filled with monster trucks, dump trucks and race cars. 

This year you accomplished so much--your vocabulary has expanded exponentially in a matter of months and you decided this month that it was time to wear big boy underware.  Now if only you can conquer the thumb sucking.  You have a love of numbers and can count to 13 without skipping a beat. 

You are a bull in a china shop, so very physical.  There is a new bump, bruise or scrape everyday.  I am concerned more and more for your safety after the toe incident this year.  But, you have a joy and enthusiasm for life--to take it all in without holding back. 

You are independent and stubborn but in the same moment dependent and concerned for others. You feel deeply and are extremely curious.

Your sideways smile, double dimples and big blue eyes are all I need to make my world right.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for your life. 

I love you dearly.  Happy Birthday, Kendrick!

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Candace said...

I love you sweet Kendrick!!!! Happy birthday!!!