Friday, August 13, 2010

Kendrick Time

**Be warned, parts of this blog may be TMI.

This week was Kendrick week and it kind of started on Sunday afternoon when after swimming, Stephen decided to have Kendrick try and use the potty.  He was extremely successful and did it 4 times before he went to bed.  Monday was fairly successful too.  He had no accidents and only wore a diaper while he was at the gym and during nap. 

Tuesday we loaded the car to Tyler prepared with 4 sets of shorts and underware, 2 "accident pads" to sit on in the car, a garbage bag, water to wash off the flip-flops and tons of patience.  We stopped at the McDonald's on Beltline and 80: nothing (but nice bathrooms).  Next up was the McDonald's in Canton: success!  From there we made it all the way to Memaw's with success there.  We had a great little visit with her and took her to Chick-Fil-A.  However, the diaper had to be put on while playing on the playground.  I was just too nervous of poop since he hadn't done that since Sunday.  Back at Memaw's I whipped out the camera and took some great pics of the boys, but to my horror, I forgot to put in the memory card!  :( 

We loaded back up still in our original underware and headed to Grand Saline.  We made it without stopping.  Cavett was dropped off with Grandmama for some alone time and we headed back out, still dry. 
We stopped once on the side of the road: no success, we stopped in Farmersville at Dairy Queen: nothing.  He made it all the way home! 

Wednesday was birthday party preparation day.  We went to Hobby Lobby and Target to get the final items needed for his party with success at both the gym and Target. 

It seems he does the best when we are out.  Maybe he just likes other bathrooms.  Glad I'm not too germ-a-phobic. 

The sad part was Wednesday afternoon was a disaster.  Many accidents in a short amount of time, and POOP!  The good part was we had some good one-on-one playing time that afternoon. 

We approached Thursday as a new day.  That morning, may best friend from high school, Elaine was in town and came by for a playdate.  It was so good to catch up with her and see her two little girls.  Kendrick was just a few months younger than Emily and didn't want to share very well.  But, by the last hour, he got over it. 
That evening was date night.  We took Kendrick to bowl a couple of games and then to a "chips and dip" place, a.k.a. Chuy's.  Watching him bowl was just fun, clomping around in those shoes and waiting for his ball to come shooting out.  But, my favorite of the day was after nap when he pulled his shirt down over his knees and began wobbling back and forth proclaiming he was "Humpty Dumpty!"
Gotta love that smile!!!

Again, no accidents while we were out, just a couple at home. 

Today's agenda: help Dad with the lawn, take a dip in the pool, nap and then off to Grand Saline to see Cavett. 

I'm so proud of him and that this finally happened!  It is literally that HE had to decide that underware was cool and maybe that he needed some one on one time with us.

This week was just a peek at all the sweet time I will get with him once Cavett starts Kindergarden.  I'm so excited!

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