Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher

Tonight was Cavett's "Meet the Teacher Night" at his new school, Cheatham Elementary.  It is a brand new school so it was extremely exciting for everyone there.  Following the ribbon cutting we headed straight for his new classroom, to find it was the first one we came to-- Room 135 with Mrs. Love.  From first impressions, she is a young, energetic teacher and looks like she will help Cavett have the best year ever! 

Mrs. Love and Cavett
We distributed his supplies into their bins, filled out paperwork, and looked around the classroom.  We then ventured out to find the art room, science lab, music room, computer lab, gym and cafeteria.  It's a beautiful, state of the art, extremely large school--K-6th grade.  But, I think it will be fine, and if we stay in Allen ISD, we better get used to LARGE.  Did you know the Allen High School Band has 600+ members? 

Mrs. Gibson, the Music Teacher
At the end, the emotions were this:  Cavett didn't want to leave and we had to go say bye to his teacher one more time, and for me, I wanted to do Kindergarten all over again and join him.  We are both looking forward to Monday morning.  There maybe tears, but they will be of joy because I am overwhelmed with excitement for him. 

It's gonna be a great year!

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Allison said...

sounds like it will be a great year!