Friday, January 2, 2009

Playing Doctor

One of Cavett's most prized gifts came from Isabela on New Year's Eve. She gave him and authentic hospital gown, Hot Wheels Band-Aids and a book called "The Bad Case of the Stripes." Cavett LOVES to play doctor, especially with Isabela. Maybe it is becuase he went to one of the doctor's appointments last year or maybe becuase he knows how delicate she is. But, he is ultimately concerned for her and that is what he always wants to play.

He had a set of scrubs and a doctors kit, but there was never anything for the patient, thus the patient was always topless. As parents, it becomes a bit concerning eventually, especially if you have a girl. But Cavett is loving the gown, it brings the role-play to a whole new level.

He has said twice without prompt how much he enjoys it. The first comment was, "This gown is such a cool gift!" And today it was, "We need to write Isabela a thank you note."

Today, both Kendrick and I took turns being in the "patient" role. For Kendrick, it was his eyes that were hurting and for me, it was my tummy. At one point Kendrick had Band-Aids covering both of his eyes. I love how much it shows his caring personality that he wants to make everyone feel better. Maybe he will follow in Stephen's footsteps.


Falcone Family said...

It was the first Christmas gift I got this year. Isabela and I were so excited for months in seeing Cavett's reaction.
He is very, very specail to us so he deserved my efforts in stealing from hospital premises :-)
cavett asked me on NYE if Isabela had Dr. scrubs so they could play here. I told him that she only had pink nurse scrubs. He didn't like the sound of that one ! lol!

Joyce said...

Your kiddos are so adorable!
Happy New Year to your family!

Allison said...

So cute...and I love the band-aid over the "patient's" eye!

Happy New Year!