Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Literacy Thursday

Welcome to a new year of Literacy Thursdays. This post is designed to highlight some of our favorite books in hopes that you will blog about yours. We are always looking for new books to discover. Literacy is so important and even at the youngest of ages is crucial to development. If you don't have children of your own volunteer at a school, read to a neighborhood child, but get involved. It's a great way to share quality time with the youngest of our society.

Here's the play by play: You blog about your book. Give me a shout out in your blog by creating a link to my blog and using my Literacy button. Then at the bottom of my post, you will find Mr. Linky. Sign your name and add the web address of your post. Your post will automatically be linked to mine leaving a list for all to peruse. I hope you will join us.

Today's favorite is "Who is the Beast?" by Keith Baker. About a year and a hlaf ago Cavett randomly picked this book out of the church library. Everytime we went in he remembered exactly where it was and wanted to read it. It is a charming tale of a tiger taking a walk through the jungle as other fearful animals speak of the tiger's presence. After passing several creatures, he finally comes to a reflective pond where he asks the proverbial question, "Is it I?" The tiger and the rest of the jungle animals determine that they all are beasts with unique but common characteristics.
The genius of "Who is the Beast?" is in the paintings. At the beginning you are introduced to each of the other animals, one by one. After the tiger sees his reflection, the animals in the jugle are then paired with the text. It's so "ah-ha!" There is also a very tiny snail on each page that is fun to seach for.

We hope you find this one and enjoy it as much as we have. I am sure our church library is wondering if we have lost it at this point.

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MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Ooooh, what a lovely idea!!

angie said...

This is such a great idea. Will you be doing it each week? If so, I'll totally participate next week. Is it limited to childrens books?

I'm adding a link to Lula's blog since her post today fits your criteria perfectly. She of course doesn't know I'm doing this, but I know she won't mind....sorry there is no link to you though.

Lula! said...

OF COURSE I do not mind! This is such a fabulous thing you are doing. Seriously...Literacy Thursday. I LOVE IT!

Oh, and it's nice to meet you, Jennifer!

Falcone Family said...

As a Reading Specialist, I am thrilled about your initiatives with Literacy and expressing the importance. Great, great POST! I am glad you're doing it and hope others follow. However, my negligence to join your Literacy Thursdays is not at all because I don't think it's a great idea. For one, I talk books a lot at work with teachers/students and then read more at home with Isabela. Aside from reading with Bela, I need to just read more for myself and explore new reads. Furthermore, I have been keeping my laptop away from the bedroom. So, blogging time is becoming more limited for me. Trying to get more rest and reading done.
Working really hard to stick to that "short list" every day, makes me less stressed out ;-)