Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 Accomplishments

Yesterday during quiet time Cavett and I finished "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe." When asked which character was his favorite, he responded, "Peter--beacuse he has a sword. I liked the battle!" I'm quite proud of him for maiking it through the whole book and being so interested in it. As we have been going along, I have been asking him comprehension questions and he is nailing them with little or no prompt. So, for his birthday he will receive the whole collection.

He also learned how to fold socks and pants yesterday. We had tried to learn earlier, but now he's just about gotten it. This is a huge help to me as he can now really help with the laundry other than just sorting. Housework is so much more fun when you have a partner!


Falcone Family said...

I wish I could wrap my brain around that story. Sadly, My brain is so much more realistic for that kind of fiction. It prefers real stories, like Cinderella! lol
Seriously, I need to share that same classic with Bela. It's important. thanks for sharing!

davis family said...

So impressed with Cavett having the attention span for C.S. Lewis, and for being such a great helper. I need to pull some of my classics off the shelf, but I fear that Walker would want me to read an entire novel in one setting! Maybe I could read while he does laundry, but unfortunately Walker's folding skills are not as advanced as Cavett's. In fact (and unfortunately, Trumon's folding skills aren't as advanced as Cavett's!