Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Kannon!

Today entailed another birhtday at the Hawker residence. This Mom never ceases to amaze me with her birthday parties. They are usually at home and are themed. We've been to a Monsters, Inc. party where everyone got blue constuction hats with the logo, a Thomas the Train party where we followed blue (tape) track around the house for different activities trying to locate Thomas, and a Sponge Bob Square Pants party invitation in a bottle. She is sooooo artistic and creates the most elaborate cut outs of characters. The cakes are equally elaborate. It's so impressive and the kids have a great time!

Today's party was Star Wars themed. Each kid received a light saber and a Jedi cape with a hood. After some Jedi Training, Darth Vader showed up. The party went with out a hitch and Cavett had a grand time, even being the one to break the Darth Vader pinata blindfolded before some kids had a crack at it.

This is why we have Cavett's birthday parties elsewhere. I'm just not that clever to entertain kids for 2 hours! But, we are honored to be invited to Kannon and Kendall's parties and in awe. So, Happy Birthday Kannon!

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CC said...

Coolest birthday party ever!!!!!!!!