Monday, June 23, 2008

Thanks Katy!

On Wednesday Stephen and I headed out for a little alone time without children in Jamaica. Luckily, one of our dear friends, Katy, babysat our children until Sunday. I think we were all nervous--me wondering if I could be away from them for 5days and Katy wondering if she could really do it. She did a marvelous job and my children loved playing with her! They were well fed, slept fairly well and were very entertained. Special thanks also goes out to Brenda, Abigail and Julie for giving some aid and grown-up conversation. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

After 4 days I really started missing them--their smiles, their laughter, their energy and most of all the hugs. Now, I am ready to hit it hard again doing all the little things to make our little household run smoothly. I will be a better Mommy for getting away for a bit. I highly recommend to any Mommy to get away for a bit even if it is just one night. You will feel re-energized!

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