Sunday, June 29, 2008

Making the Map

Now that one vacation is over, I have begun planning for the next. I am really excited about this one even though it will be more work than relaxing. Stephen has a dental meeting at Disney World the last week of July, so we are taking Cavett and leaving Kendrick at Grandmama's. We are arriving 2 days early so that Dad can enjoy the parks too, but for the most part, it will be Cavett and me venturing into the creative genius of Walt Disney.

Tonight I wanted to involve Cavett and get him interested. He's really very good at directions, so I thought if we drew out a child friendly map he could look at it and maybe help me out when we get there, not to mention it's an educational tool. We drew out the map, he added the train and a boat for the Jungle Cruise, but for the most part he watched. He liked telling me what color to draw certain things. Afterwards, I told him where we would start, he mapped our route out with his finger as I called out each ride. It is now posted on the refridgerator.

Next, we took 27 pieces of notepad paper and wrote the numbers for our day count down. It's now posted next to his sink in his bathroom.

I guess we got him a little too excited. Just a few minutes ago he woke up and told Dad, "I'm all done sleeping and ready to go to DisneyWorld." Stephen said, "It's 27 days. It's a long time." Cavett replied, "I don't want to sleep for a long time."

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha haa tooo cute... I think he is excited about the trip :)