Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Neighbors

This afternoon we had an impromtu (planned yesterday) swim party at our house. We had about 10 adults and a gaggle of kids. Cavett and I spent the early afternoon baking beach ball and flower sugar cookies and preparing the backyard. I had hoped for a little afternoon diversion and it turned out to be so much better! We ended up ordering pizza and saying good-bye at 9.

As a child, I didn't live in a neighborhood that had many kids and most of the adults were not very friendly, or just plain busy bodies or rude. So, moving into this neighborhood took a little getting used to. Stephen grew up in the middle of a field in the country. I had to explain what a neighbor was to him! Ok, just kidding, but really. We are so fortunate to have such fantastic friends and neighbors. Truly, I hope these bonds between us and our kids will grow for years to come.

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Rachel's Journal Pages said...

That would be a bit strange to get used to a neighbourhood where everyone is friendly and interested in your life. Our neighbourhood is very private and we occassionally wave to the people across the road - but have never had a social gathering... at our last house we had become excellent friends with the neighbours to our right and left and we certainly miss that.