Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy All Hallow's Eve

What a whirlwind of a weekend!  Saturday morning began with Cavett's baseball game at 10:15, in which Chick-Fil-A followed with Grandmama and Uncle Austin and Aunt Karen. 

Next, we made in to Cavett's school in time for my shift at the Cupcake Walk while Dad (a.k.a. The Cat in the Hat) and Grandmama escorted the kids around. 

Aside--Two weeks ago Cavett decided on Thing One and Thing Two.  Easy--fleece footy-pjs, some white felt and Uldene's blue swim cap from the 1960's.  Then, I found one more wig on the Internet.  The boys kept telling everyone that Dad was going to be Cat in the Hat.  So, on Friday afternoon with the mathematical skills of Stephen, we whipped up a hat and tie.

After the Cheatham Elementary Festival, we headed to Watter's Creek for the festival where Taylor, one of Cavett's little buddies was having his birthday party.  I thought it was a genius party!  Free and fun!  Petting Zoo, magician, tick-or-treating at the shops.  I was a little nervous about the crowds and loosing them, but after realizing that blue hair was easy to spot, I eased up a little bit. 

At 4, I was dropped off at our church festival to get ready for the Cookie Walk that I was in charge of.  I know, I stuck with one theme for the day on purpose.  I sent the boys and grandmama home to get a little rest before hitting one more party.  The day ended with happy faces and sugared teeth.  Stephen has renamed the weekend Cavity-ween. 

Sunday morning brought a nice break in the candy filled hype with a re-focus on the purpose and what All Saint's Day began as--a celebration of the life of those that have gone before.  It also brought a few harder questions from Cavett about the true meaning of Halloween and what it has turned into. 

We ended with a bit of trick-or-treating to our close-by friends and the neighborhood.  They were sufficiently worn out.  I'm glad this holiday is passed again and look forward to our new tradition for Thanksgiving beginning tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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