Saturday, October 10, 2009

Red River Revel Time

Friday we decided to brave the rain and cold and headed to Shreveport via Grand Saline. We dropped off the truck which we had borrowed the weekend before to haul all the large trees and plants we had bought in Canton. By 4 we were in Shreveport waiting for the rain to stop so that we could go to the Revel.
Earlier in the day I had bought the boys green rubber frog boots. I figured we were in Grand Saline enough and I am getting over the whole "clean and neat" boy thing that it was time for them to splash in puddles and have fun in the mud. Boots were just what we needed. I dressed them in camo and I thought, "perfect!"

As we get to the Revel, it was still raining. We had a bite to eat and listened to the band sing about the rain. Kendrick is really into music. It moves him so much more than it does for his brother. Afterwards, we begin looking at the artwork on the way to the children's area. Most all of the tents are closed up due to the weather, but one of my favorite artisits that does drawings of special places all over Louisiana was open. Stephen had the kids and Mom and I began looking through the art. (Karen, I even found the Uneeda Biscuit drawing!)

Stephen came back by with the kids and told me that he really didn't like this artist and that I should look elsewhere (I'm trying to find meaningful art for my powder bath.) While he is telling me this, Kendrick wanders, no make that, runs off. The two aisles of tents are separated by a long skinny building which used to be a train depot. We can't find him. He is that fast. We began funning up and down calling his name. I am sure I looked like a mad woman. I think, "He could be in anyone of these closed up tents! How am I going to find him? He loves to hide!" I began asking people. Again, I dressed him well to remember. In addition to the camo pants, and the frog boots, he had a balloon tied to him. He is easy to spot and remember. We go back to the lady that gave him the balloon and she points in a direction and says that someone had him on his shoulders.

I spot him and start yelling, "That's my son!!!!" By now the tears are flowing. The man stops and puts him down. A couple of people run over to make sure everything is ok and a policeman saunters by. The man had a Revel name tag on, but didn't speak much. I am not sure his English was very good and it seemed a little weird that he put him on his shoulders and didn't head straight to a policeman and that more people didn't notice a little kid running around without someone. The good news was that is wasn't crowded. In fact, there was hardly anyone there. I count my blessings! God was watching out for Kendrick and I thank him for keeping him safe.

I asked my Mom if we did that to her and she acknowledged the fact that we did and mentioned that some of us ran off more than others. But, it doesn't matter who it is. To lose a child is heart wrenching. I pray that God will keep both of my children close to me until I die. I don't think I could bear it otherwise. This is why God designed us to have children--to have a glimer of the unconditional love that he has for us. And, I guess that is the pain that God feels when we stray away from Him. What an awesome God he is that he still unconditionally searches for us and loves us no matter what and that he continually wants to draw us closer.

We kept a tight grip the rest of the evening, but still had a good time in the children's area with a book walk, a trip to the grocery store, face painting and crazy hat making. From now on the choice is hold my hand, or I carry you!


Allison said...

Cate ran away from me at Macy's on Saturday, too! We found her under a table with shirts and ties. I was so freaked out and upset, but still so glad to find her!

Candace Chaney said...

Whew. And it's amazing to think about how the Lord seeks us out when we stray.

Falcone Family said...

I hope you never have to feel that fear again, wow... Good detective work on finding him!