Friday, October 15, 2010


I volunteered at Cavett's school today and afterwards in talking with another parent, I am the only one that has been allowed to stay in the room.  I'm not sure what this says about me and I'm not sure that it is because she likes me....  anyway.  I was able to observe Cavett's behavior and a little bit of teaching.  One of the things they did was "Writing Around the Room."  This is where they are given a word or a set of words and then they are to write down words from around the room that start with each letter of the word given.  For example, today's word was "Community Helper," since they have been talking about this in their social studies lessons and has had speakers from the community all week.


In the 5 minutes they were given, he got 5 written, but I also observed some talking with his best friend, Owen.  Other kids got 11!  The work sheet was sent home so we completed it at home.  It took him under 5 minutes to come up with all the rest of words, granted he didn't have to walk around the room and find stuff.  Afterward, we decided to try a "spelling test" of his sight words so far this year:  I, like, to, the, a, an, can, am, you, my, are. 

He did pretty well, except for knowing when to use a capital letter.  Next, I asked him to use each word in a sentence.  We didn't write them down, but I started to after a while, because they just kept getting better and better. 

I love you.
I like to play with this.  (knocked out two in one!)
The alligator is big.  (at this point we started talking about where the period goes.)
A pencil is writing on paper. (at first he gave the next sentence, but then I reminded him of the a/an rule.)
An astronaut went into space.
Can I borrow this?  (totally threw me off guard.  I was expecting a statement, not a question.  Then I asked him to use in like a statement.) 
I can open this can(uh, hello.  He used it in two different ways!)
Am I doing something wrong?  (yet another question.)
I am a superhero!  (now he wanted to use exclaimation marks)
You are the best mom ever!
My mom is awesome!
Are you my friend?

Gosh, I love this kid.  I don't care what grade there is on the report card or what his teacher says or whether or not he gets into the GT program.  He's awesome!

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