Friday, October 8, 2010

Kindergarten Report and Awards

Earlier in the week, I was notified that Cavett was to receive an award at the Celebration Awards Ceremony.  I was elated!  Stephen's comment was--"you know every kids is going to get one."  Through looking at emails and talking to other parents, I determined this was not the fact.  He was part of a select few. 

The assembly was today and Stephen was still out of town.  Bummer.  I took Kendrick and we brought Chick-Fil-A to him for lunch and then we waited in the gym.  The kids sat on the floor parents in the stands and the teachers tried to call out names over the poor sound system.

Cavett received two awards.  The first was for perfect attendance.  The second was for the 110% award.  I was excited.  Only 5 students per class received this award.  Again, it was hard to hear, but some were receiving the award for being a great helper or a good reader to others, etc.  Here is Cavett's...

"In recognition of Cavett's determination for controlling his noise making." 

It's hard to be proud of an award of this kind.  It's kind of back handed.  I know he is trying really hard.   I understand that and I know she was trying to be supportive of him and noticing his effort.  And, I know it is a problem.  I knew behavior would be an issue when he was 3 years old.  He doesn't realize he's doing it, but really?  Do you need to call attention to the problem in front of the entire Kindergarten class?    Couldn't there be another positive you could find instead? 

His report card also came home today and it seems his behavior is overshadowing his conceptual benchmarks.  I've been a teacher.  I know how that happens.  I haven't discussed the marks with him at length, but I have talked to him about how he needs to listen to the teacher better and follow her rules and instructions.   He's smart.  Really smart and I will keep affirming this even though his report card doesn't.   He reads and comprehends on a level way higher than Kindergarten.  He grasps phonetics and wants to write words like significant and hippopotamus.  He's interested and curious in how things work.  He's awesome and I will continue to be his advocate while supporting the teacher at the same time. 

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