Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frog vs. the Monkeys

Last night Stephen heard a noise coming from Cavett's room.  He went to check on him and see what was going on.  Here is the conversation that transpired:

Stephen:  Time to be quiet Cavett.  It's bed time.
Cavett: It wasn't me!
S: Who was it?
C: Frog!

(Frog is one of Cavett's stuff animals that has been banished from the bed due to the multitudes he is sleeping with now.)

S: Is he in bed with you?
C: No, he's on the bookshelf.
S: Why is he making noise?
C: Because the monkeys are beating him up!
S:  (Laughing) I love your imagination, Cavett.

I asked him this morning if Frog survived the night.  He told me that the monkeys thought he was a punching bag.  He's ok though.  No worries.


Sarah said...

Poor Frog! lol!

Amber said...

Too cute. I am glad to know Frog survived. Monkeys can get into some crazy business :)