Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sharing and Caring

Advent day #17- Read a Christmas book to a friend and call your Nana.

Nana's birthday was today so we called and sang "Happy Birthday!"

It wasn't a Christmas book, but Cavett did read 5 Silly Monkeys to his brother this morning.

We had Stephen's Office Christmas Party this evening so a new favorite babysitter, Jessica, better known as "LunaMoon" came over. She is a sweet girl who the boys fell in love with at the 24 Hour Fintess Day Care Center. Cavett began calling her by this name and she also called him the same. One day about 4 months later we finally figured out what he really meant by the name. He had been watching Authur and D.W. was talking about tin soldiers, but hers was actually aluminum--or "a loonamoon." We got a good laugh out of that one!

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