Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We began the morning by singing the Veggie Tales bellybutton song. Cavett showed me where his is and then I told him that that is where he used to be connected to me when he was in my tummy. I opened the door. Uh-oh.
"Mommys can't eat when they have babies in their belly," Cavett said.
"Why not?" I replied.
"The babies will play with their food," said Cavett.
"No, they need to eat for their baby to grow. The baby is in a different part of the belly," I eplained.
"How do babies come out?" he questioned.
Quickly, I replied, "We will talk about this when Daddy gets home."
"Is Daddy the baby-getting-out-expert?" he asked.
"Uh, yes as a matter of fact, he is...." And so it begins.


Allison said...

LOL!!!! I am rolling right now. Yeah, let your hubby take that one!

Candace Chaney said...

HA! Those are totally easier questions than how the baby got there in the first place. I've been dodging that one for months!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh true love that is. "Oh, mommy was just kidding, you know mommies are the experts in feeding babbies, that's why they are such good cooks. She will explain it after a bed time story." I think that's how the evening will go!

Love you honey!