Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Present Game

Today's Advent activity was the "Present Game," an idea from Family Fun magazine. Not knowing what the game was, the boys didn't show much excitement, even with the word "present" in the title. After arriving at Grandmama's house this afternoon, I pulled out 2 Christmas gift bags. Eyes lit up.
Here are the instructions: Everyone gets a bag and can fill it with any object in the house. You then give it to another person. The point is to learn gratitude. When receiving a gift, immediately you say "thank you." After opening it, you say thank you again and add a note of appreciation on how you would use the gift or why it is such a great gift. It can get hard when you receive a spoon or maybe one spare sock.

Cavett was first. He gave me keys. I told him thank you and how helpful it would be to have an extra set for when I misplace my own set. Kendrick then gave Cavett an apple. Cavett got it and said, "thank you and I would love to eat it now." On another round, they gave each other the same gift, a bowling pin.
It was short lived but, maybe they at least got the thank you part.

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Allison said...

sounds fun!

I am thinking of you guys this weekend.