Friday, October 30, 2009

More Grand Saline

Morgan, you ask and you shall receive. Here are a few more pictures from the day before (train bridge) and we did end up going to the Salt Palace the following day. Of course, Cavett had to lick the house just to make sure it was really made of salt. We also hit up the library twice that day and saw a train rumble by just a couple of feet away from the building.


El Comodoro said...

Nice! Gosh, this on-demand posting is awesome.

Adrianne said...

Walker is now obsessed with the thought of the Salt Palace! I told him that we would visit.. he informed me not to worry, that he would just talk to Cavett about it! Like the two of them can just plan a road trip... it was hilarious!

Jen said...

Hey. I googled Grand Saline Blog and it pulled up your blog. I thought I recognized your face from facebook....anyway, Brandon Kindle (from GS) is my hubby....graduated with your hubby. I'm enjoying your blog.