Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Lucky me!!!! One of my best friends from college, Marion came to visit on Wednesday. Her Dad and my Dad were fraternity brothers and choir brothers in college. They introduced us and then she ended up at Centenary as well. We were sorority and choir sisters as well. My son, Kendrick got his name from her Dad and brother.

She got in at 8:30, so I dropped the kids off with Missy for school and I headed to the airport. We had a great time catching up, shopping and having lunch with Stephen. That afternoon, my boys enjoyed being around baby Harrison. It was so much fun to watch Kendrick with another baby. He just wanted to be in his face and make him smile. That evening, we put the kids to bed and Stephen "babysat" as we hit McKinney's square for some tapas and a winery. It was a great time and it is like we never skipped a beat. I relish the time I have with you Marion and may it not be so many months/years from now!

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