Monday, October 19, 2009

Mary Poppins

Thursday afternoon Cavett was treated to the ultimate date--Aunt Amber was given tickets to go see the musical, Mary Poppins, at Fair Park. As he dresssed in his Sunday best, I told him that it was a date and he proceeded to ask, "Does that mean I get to open Amber's door?" "Of course!" was my reply. They left at about 12:30 and about 5 hours later we met them in University Park to pick him up.

Traffic was thick and parking was incredible. They ended up parking way across the fairground, due to the fair, but the good thing about that was that Cavett got to ride a tram and see "Big Tex." Amber said that he was a perfect date and several times during the show looked over at her and said things like, "That is amazing!" His favorite song was "Chim-Chimney" and he loved it when Mary Poppins flew over the audience.

After we picked him up, I asked him if he opened the doors for Aunt Amber, but he said, "I forgot! I was too exctied." We are so excited and pleased that our kids are getting a good dose of their aunt and uncle. I only hope that they tire of us before we tire of them.


Amber said...

It been fun getting to get a good does of our nephews (as well as our sister and brother in law :) I know we will miss this once its gone!

Amber said...

dose not does of course :)