Monday, October 19, 2009

The Boys Update

It seems I am only getting to the computer once a week these days. So here is the Monday update. We spent the majority of the weekend in Grand Saline to be with Grandaddy and Grandmama. He was doing pretty well while we were there with the boys on Thursday and most of the day Friday. However, by Friday night he was in the hospital. Amber and Jonny kept the boys and we went back over after Cavett's soccer game on Saturday morning. While we were there with the boys we had a great time watching the 22 Canadian Geese and chasing the cows. I was able to snap some really cute pics of them as well.

Cavett is doing very well in school both his teachers speak very highly of him in that he is very polite using "yes m'ams" and "please and thank yous." They also have discussed with me how he is very into noticing the details. He is a real sweet one these days being fairly patient with his brother and is such a helper in the day to day things. Today I got to spend the day with him, as he was home with a bit of fever, but not enough to really keep him down. What a change to not have to buckle anyone in and not have to hold his hand or worry about him running off.

Kendrick's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and is in the stage where words are repeated incessantly. One of my favorite words of his is "oaf" when an uh-oh happens. Last month the color at school was yellow, so everything was the color yellow. He also really loves his vitamins and asks for them at least 4-5 times a day. He is having a bit of difficulty at school with biting his friends and his teacher seems to hate his constant stream of drool and everything going in his mouth. But, even though we are still making it though the 2's, he has a smile and giggle that will melt your heart. He is starting to love books and reading. Today while I was changing the sheets on his bed, he sat down and "read" a book to me. It is absolutely precious the way he copies and mimics Cavett.

Boy am I lucky to have such sweet kiddos!

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