Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just Plain Busy

My blogging has really fallen off and I am sorry. I haven't even read most of my friends' blogs. I am having a hard time getting to a computer since I dont have good access to my laptop anymore. Really, I am only keeping up with it now because it is our family jounal and will be made into a Blurb scrapbook each year. But, the main reason I haven't been able to keep up is this pool. We are doing so much on our own, which means that Stephen is spending a lot of time outside working. And, it has been raining, so it is a nasty mud pit out there, so I am inside with the kids. Still no house cleaner, so I am busy trying to keep up with that as well. The only reason I blog now is that the kids are in school, my shower is taken and bible study is done. On to the fun stuff...

Now really, today was so busy that I failed to notice that they had re-scheduled Cavett's soccer game. I checked the calendar before Cavett and I headed out. Stephen was working on the built-up flower bed and Kendrick was down for a nap. We got there and looked around and didn't see his team. I called Stephen to double check and I had missed an email that moved the game up by 3 hours. We missed it and I felt like a horrible mother! It was the first thing I had missed on accident. Cavett was only slightly disappointed. After the initial saddness, he said, "can I go play on the playground instead?" How could I deny him? It ended fine and he was on top of the world.

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