Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fort Worth Zoo

I've been feeling guilty that I made all these cute little storybook scrapbooks for Cavett before Kendrick was born. They were about his first trip to the zoo, Grandmama's house, a California trip, the circus, etc. So since Cavett was actually sick with the swine flu, this trip was for Kendrick. I finally am doing a book for Kendrick now, except it will be a Blurb book. Here's the first version--

Kendrick went to the Fort Worth Zoo
When he was only two.

The zebras were first and you named it out loud.

Mommy was extremely proud!

The monkeys were really hanging around,

But on their chests they did not pound.

We saw a giraffe with a very long neck,

But the amphibians were closed, what the heck?

There was an elephant with just one tusk

And boy, did he create quite a musk!

The tiger relaxed in the cool shade

While the Asian Rhino took a wade.

In the Outback we played in the sand.

Dirt did cover your whole hand.
The penguins swam and were black and white.

A strange gharial was quite a sight!

It had a big thick tail and giant feet, too.

You guessed it--a kangaroo!

Lunch was yummy, there was a breeze.

The trees surrounding us were sure to please.

You pulled the wagon and ran about.

I think I really wore you out!


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Just Beth said...

Love it! Very creative!

Claire said...

Seriously publishing material! A very very creative girl you are!!