Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We finally have a refrigerator. This story began back in April when we discovered that our new house full of GE Monogram appliances didn't come with a refrigerator. Strange. It took us a month to weigh the option of getting one that matched verses non-matching. We went with non-matching--Samsung French Door. It was on back order to be delivered May 25.

So fine, we wait using the laundry room extra fridge. It is delievered May 25th, but it isn't counter depth and sticks out too much so we send it back for the counter depth. We are told it is on back order until mid-June. I wait and wait. The day before it was to be delivered, Stephen calls Best Buy and asks about delivery times. They said call the delivery people, but it is scheduled. Delivery said they didn't have the frige. We called Samsung and come to find out they haven't released the counter depth for sales. So Best Buy sold us a refigerator that hasn't been released.

We picked a new one--Electrolux French door and it was to be delivered today. They brought the refrigerator all the way in and then I looked at it. It was the wrong one. This one was a Kitchen Aid slayed for their next stop. So out that one went. Luckily they did have mine on the truck. So my life is closer to normal now. No more 10 trips to the laundry room for one meal.


Allison said...

Yeah!!!! Sounds and looks like a nice one!

Anonymous said...

Good job! Anything to stay away from evil GE and its CEO!