Monday, June 1, 2009

Moving Mania!!!

The fat lady sang, the stars have aligned, the heavens have opened, and God said, "it is good!".

Stephen's boss signed the release agreement last Thursday. The movers came--3 guys. And when I said it all goes, they looked at me like the didn't have enough materials and man power. Turns out they under-estimated. Luckily, Esther came to take the kids for the day to the zoo so I could label boxes and I even packed a few. Esther was a bit overwhelmed as well, but they managed. They came back for nap amidst the movers, but Kendrick only slept about 30 minutes.

After boxing and labeling for 11 hours most of the work was done. Everyone knonked out until 3 am when Cavett woke up screaming at the top of his lungs. Why? We don't know. I didn't go back to sleep until 5 and kendrick was up at 7. Everything was loaded by 4. In the mean time I took the kids to an indoor playground and after we ate we hit the road leaving Stephen to bring up the rear. We found Buc-ee's in Madisonville to be our new favorite spot to stop. Great bathrooms! Luckily, we missed the really bad traffic and the kids did sleep.

That Friday evening was a bit rough, but we were pretty tired anyway. We forgot our pillows and blankets. At least we did have an air mattress and sheets. Saturday, Nana met us and watched the kids while the movers unloaded for about 6 hours. I did pretty well keeping up with unpacking boxes amid the furniture, but when the kitchen boxes began flowing, I was back-logged. Nana helped prepare the kitchen that evening by lining the shelves. For those of you who knew the story about Kendrick's disappearing blankets, both were found Saturday. One was in a box of stuff that was packed with backpacks and lunch boxes. The other favorite one that was lost at the new house was found under the sink in my bathroom. Crazy kid! Now he has 4 blankets!

Sunday was unpacking day. Stephen's parents came over for the day to help. We got the kitchen put together and Stephen picked up the back yard play set since we had the use of a trailer. He began putting it together until our friends, the Davis' convinced him this wasn't to happen before he had to go back to Houston. SO, that porject is on hold until this weekend when he has his first 3 day weekend. WOOHOO!!!!

Monday we continued unpacking especially the garage and attic. Then we said our good-byes until Saturday. Stephen had one more full week of work in Houston. The boys and I finished our day by checking out Tom Thumb grocery store and another trip to Lowe's.

By Tuesday afternoon I was pretty much done with unpacking. Everything that I was to unpack was done. Stephen had a few more boxes to go and a few boxes, don't have homes yet. But, we are fairly finished. This past weekend we were also able to hang 90% of the art/frames. It is feeling like home and I think our stuff fits and looks better in this house than the last.

Home Sweet Home.

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Claire said...

Yeah Jennifer! I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the house!!